Window Cleaning Robot Guanjia 851460 45ml 65db 600mah 2200pa Automatic Water Spray

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Window Cleaning Robot Guanjia 851460 45ml 65db 600mah 2200pa Automatic Water Spray

Window Cleaning Robot Guanjia 851460 45ml 65db 600mah 2200pa Automatic Water Spray

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45ml water tank, path planning, borderless detection of infrared remote control. It is less than 65 decibels, wipe the window quietly and clean the window, and complete the cleaning work at 65 decibels. In operation, you do not disturb you who focus on work or sleep. Clean more efficient 5 layers of fine fiber rags, fine fiber rags have dust removal and water absorption characteristics. A variety of materials are wiped off the surface dust and dragged dry solution water stains. The 600mAh spare battery, the power outage at home will not fall. Unexpectedly, it can also adsorb for 20-25 minutes and continue to alarm. At the same time, it is equipped with a mountaineering -level safety rope lock to escort the high -rise windows. The use scenarios are widely used, not just wiping windows, the environment on the seamless and smooth surface can be wiped like frameless glass, seamless tiles, glass doors, etc. 50kg bearing gravity, physical anti -pendant double peace of mind, unexpected accidents, mountaineering professional -level safety rope + safety buckle, timely pulling the machine to ensure that it is not easy to fall to the ground. Innovative synthetic materials, the outer layer of height attachment and sticky silicone, the middle layer of high elastic and high tough toughness composite rubber, the inner layer of strong friction material is designed for the smooth surface of the adhesion. Small volume control, 8.0cm ultra -thin body, anti -theft windows can also be wiped. Metal water spraying tablets, 0.1ml of accurate water spray each time. 2200Pa sucks, identify the glass, and suck it as soon as it is released, bringing strong underwriting, erasing various facade material stains. After the water tank is filled, 40-50 square meters of glass can be wiped, spraying water every 10 seconds, and uniformly covered. Non -corrosive cleaning products such as water and glass water can be filled. Professional design of square fuselage. Spray water while rubbing. You can use a variety of cleaning modes to be switched flexibly after wiping without marks. You can use a variety of cleaning modes to switch flexibly. The cleaning efficiency is more than 2.5 minutes when the glass is used. After the automatic wipe is automatically wiped, the high -efficiency coverage does not leak. After wiping, automatically return to the placement point, which is convenient for high -rise glass to get. First z mode. Intelligent sensing cleaning the edge, gently touch the protective border, real -time induction of cleaning the area environment, gently touch when encountering obstacles or cleaning edges, and quickly adjust the direction to effectively protect the border. Wipe the edge sensor accurately judge the boundary position, covering more complete, borderless glass. Wipe is more sensitive and safe. Unexpectedly automatically supercharged. Lock the suction to prevent pulling. After starting the machine with one click, automatically identify the cleaning area, intelligent switching in various modes, no need to control, the elderly will use it. The battery chip algorithm is equipped with a 500mAh lithium battery at the same time, intelligent adjustment of the machine working method, and the protective machine can still be adsorbed on the glass within 30 minutes of power off. 2800Pa. Strong adsorption force.

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