Window Cleaning Robot Guanjia 580497 3000pa 600mah 60db

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Window Cleaning Robot Guanjia 580497 3000pa 600mah 60db

Window Cleaning Robot Guanjia 580497 3000pa 600mah 60db

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Path planning Bass noise reduction Multiple protection. Intelligent planning routes Z or N or Z + N routes freely choose to cover the full coverage without omissions. High -rise windows are worry -free, multiple security guarantees, vacuum adsorption | automatic obstacle avoidance Power off protection 20KG inhalation. Vacuum suction power, more suction, large suction power, automatic detection of compensation adsorption power, real -time monitoring of air pressure, 3000Pa strong suction power, 7.0kg vertical load. Safety anti -decline, built -in Touch -sensor explore sensor, perceive the frame, and turn the anti -drop in time. Intelligent obstacle avoidance, the window handle is easy, the window environment is induced at any time, the obstacle is automatically identified, the clever avoidance continues to clean, the accident is not afraid of falling, the battery life is turned off, the machine can still stand at a high altitude for 30 minutes at a high altitude. about. 600mAh lithium polymer battery. Vacuum suction, vacuum firmly adsorb, wipe the window to avoid falling. Make the window wiping easier, smart chip, quickly wipe the window, one -button start, fully automatic operation, and easily cope with the environment. Really achieve planning windows, quickly calculate, planning routes faster, super data processing, easily cope with the environment, comes with memory function and smart operation system, return to the starting point for easy picking, and take the initiative to bypass the handle. The constant pressure is floating, the glass is tightly wiped, the rag is tightly attached to the surface, the stain is strong, the thickness is just right, and it does not affect the speed of action. Imitation of artificial cycle scraping system. , Precision fiber rags are designed for high -quality dense woven fabrics for wipes, which have the characteristics of removing dirt, dust, and water locking; key cleaning accessories, better materials, more guaranteed effects. The intelligent path planning the Z or N path by itself, full coverage, less omissions. The shape of the square design, about 98 % of the cleaning coverage. After wiping the automatic back to the original point, you will remember where to return. After wiping the window, automatically return to the starting point, it is more convenient to get. The ultra -thin body can wipe the glass inside the anti -theft window [about 12 cm between the anti -theft window]. Use a special -made nut buckle power connector to prevent the power supply caused by the drop of plugs. Super absorption, increased life, low noise. Noise: about 60dB. Battery capacity: 600mAh. Charging time: about 1h. Net weight: 1.35kg.

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