Vital plant protein chocolate

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Vital plant protein chocolate

  • Brand: Vital

Vital plant protein chocolate

  • Brand: Vital
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If you’re looking for a protein supplement to help your body function at its best, you can rely on Vital Protein Powder. It contains over 18 amino acids, matching the profile of whey proteins which is unique for a vegetable protein. The protein is extracted from the highest quality European golden peas. This complete protein digests easily without causing bloating. Benefits Here’s why Vital Protein Powder is the best choice for optimum health: It’s a plant based, dairy free and lactose free protein powder, which means it is perfect for vegans. It’s easily digestible thanks to it being a plant based protein source. It helps the body to retain calcium and magnesium to protect your bones and muscles. With a pH of 7.8, it will help balance your body’s blood pH. It helps prevent the build-up of lactic acid, so it speeds up post-exercise recovery. It helps to control blood sugar levels, keeping cravings at bay. It is a great snack replacement containing less than 1% natural sugar and less than 100 calories per serve. It contains no artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours or preservatives. Vital Protein is the smart choice to achieve optimum nutrition, help support weight management and assist in exercise recovery. Ingredients 100% Pea Protein Isolate, Natural Chocolate Flavour & Thaumatin. Balanced Amino Acid Profile THE MOST BALANCED AND POTENT AMINO ACID PROFILE OF ANY PLANT BASED PROTEIN, WITH 18 AMINO ACIDS INCLUDING ALL 9 ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS. Amino Acid Vital Protein Whey Protein Example of typical analysis* mg per 100g mg per 100g Histidine* 2700 1250 Isoleucine* 4700 3347 Leucine 8700 6513 Lysine* 7700 5900 Methionine* 1200 1213 Phenylalanine* 5600 2006 Threonine* 3900 4156 Tryptophan* 1000 1088 Valine* 5200 3350 Alanine 4400 2966 Arginine 9100 1491 Aspartic Acid 12500 6094 Cysteine 1100 1329 Glutamic Acid 20300 9797 Glycine 4100 2575 Proline 4400 4219 Serine 5600 2903 Tyrosine 3900 1950   *Amino acid content may vary slightly from batch to batch, these figures serve as an example of an average analysis. Directions Dissolve or mix two heaped tablespoons in 200mls of water or milk of your choice, yoghurt or blended into a smoothie.   Consume 1-2 times per day depending on how much protein you want in your diet. Or take as directed by your practitioner. Children: Children from 12 years of age can take half this dosage. Children under the age of 12 should seek recommendations from a healthcare professional. Quick Reference Reference Yes/No Reference Yes/No 100% Natural YES Vegetarian YES Vegan YES Gluten free YES Wheat free YES Lactose Free YES Dairy Free YES Egg Free YES Yeast Free YES Corn Free YES Soy Free YES Alcohol Free YES Artificial Sweeteners/flavours NO Artificial Colours NO Tested on animals? NO Certified Halal YES

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