VADO HUB-001A-WAX Thermostatic Cartridge WG-15951 | WSB-148 Shower Mixers

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VADO HUB-001A-WAX Thermostatic Cartridge WG-15951 | WSB-148 Shower Mixers

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VADO HUB-001A-WAX thermostatic cartridge. This Vado thermostatic cartridge is a screw fit installation and is used in the following Vado thermostatic showers: - Vado Nuance 3/4" and 1/2" Valves - Vado Thermostatic Shower Mixer Valve WSB-149-3/4 - Vado Thermostatic Shower Mixer Valve WSB-148-1/2 - Vado Thermostatic Shower Mixing Valve WSB-149-1/2 - Vado Thermostatic Shower Valve WG-15051 - Vado Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve WG-15951 - Vado Concealed Thermostatic Shower WSB-148-3/4Technical details on the cartridge are as follow:Cartridge Length: 103.7mmDiameter: 36mmNumber of O'Rings: 3Material: BrassType: Screw inGauze Filters: 2Top Reasons Why You Might Need to Replace Your VADO HUB-001A-WAX Thermostatic Shower Cartridge1. Water temperature problems. One of the most obvious signs of a faulty VADO HUB-001A-WAX Cartridge is when the shower mixer isn't outputting the correct temperature water. For example, you set the temperature to the standard 38 degrees C, however, even without the use of a thermometer, you know the temperature of the water isn't 38 degrees Celsius. This could be in the form of the water being consistently too warm or too cold, and it may also come in the form of fluctuating water temperature. Whichever the case, the sole purpose of a thermostatic cartridge is to control the temperature of the water, therefore if there is a problem with the water temperature, more often than not, the problem will be with the cartridge. If the cartridge isn't the problem, the other likely candidates are: a) Imbalanced water feeds to the shower mixing valve.b) No hot water reaching the shower mixerc) Debris is blocking the cartridge filter.2. Water Leaking. If you have water leaking directly out of where the thermostatic cartridge is in the shower valve (i.e. seeping out of the thermostatic shower dial), then there is a problem with the seal within the thermostatic shower valve. This, in most cases is a deterioration of the shower's thermostatic cartridge and replacing it will fix the leaking issue.3. Temperature Dial Stiff. This is a very common issue, especial in areas of hard water, where the cartridge has gathered some much limescale that it has begun to affect the movement of the cartridge. Generally, by the time this occurs, the limescale has begun to damage the inside of the cartridge and therefore soaking the cartridge in a limescale solution is usually a short term solution at best. Replacing the old VADO HUB-001A-WAX cartridge with a new one will make the shower feel like it's brand new.3. Drop in General Shower Performance. If there is a general drop in shower performance, there could actually be a problem with the thermostatic cartridge. All water which comes out of the shower head first travels through the thermostatic cartridge in the shower mixing valve, and therefore, if there's a problem with the cartridge, the shower won't operate as effectively.3. Even After Fitting New Cartridge, Water Temperature Wrong. In this event, in the majority of cases, the cartridge has been installed incorrectly and needs to be collaborated correctly. There are usually lines on the top spline which should line up. This would represent the cartridge being set in the 38 degrees Celsius position.
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