Usb Alarm Wireless Speaker Bluetooth 5.0

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Usb Alarm Wireless Speaker Bluetooth 5.0

Usb Alarm Wireless Speaker Bluetooth 5.0

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M260 multifunction small stereoThe wooden box is recognized as the ideal material for the speaker and the acoustic structure 2.1 is a strong guarantee for low frequncia. comparable to the volume of the sound of the traditional 2.1 speaker with a small volume, with multifunctional blessings as Bluetooth, card reading and time / alarm clock, and the built-in lithium battery can be easily transported in environments fechados.O M260 is undoubtedly the music box that everyone in the family love.Low frequency Acoustic is fiercest. The classical acoustic structure 2.1 is applied to the small system. The three advanced units can fully express the details of the high and low bass. "Material large and small use" will sound to the limit and show the charm of the original sound.Multifunctional on aConnection Bluetooth wireless, TF card playback U disk, external audio source AUX, microUSB connected to the computer through a line, big screen clock / alarm clock, M260 is a versatile music player in your home.Bluetooth wireless, stable and reliableUsing an efficient Bluetooth solution, compatible with many wireless devices, strong anti-interference capability, fast transmission speed, stable and enjoy clear wireless music.The sound of high power and podepinks not limited to wave power pequeno.Com volume restrictions podepink medium treble 2 * 4W + 12W bass, reset the sound quality of small speakers, so that each centimeter of the home stay full of a beautiful audio, efficient drive. The IC with integrated Bluetooth and full master control frequency division and management dinmico.Em combination with digital power amplifier TAS5711 IT, it can trigger efficiently three speaker units and retain more music details, ensuring a big volume.Follow the time, follow the worldbuilt-in clock system with music alarm clock, no matter where you are, you can always see the pulse of the world at any time and can wake up every morning with the booming music.Sensitivity intelligent light, adjust the brightnessDo not worry, because the clock brightness affect your sleep. The light detection system will automatically adjust the screen brightness according to ambient light. If you do not need a brightness feature, you can sleep with a touch screen.The built-in sound card is connected to a line. If you want to connect the M260 to a computer, you can use a USB cable for playing music and charge the speaker at the same time, eliminating the problem of multi-line connection between the computer and the speaker.large capacity battery, reliable management. Two 2600mAh Lithium batteries provide enough power for the high-falante.O daily volume can be played continuously for 7 hours * Power management system with surge protection provides protection for the safe use of the speaker.The wood texture, combined with the smart ID design and simple color matching domestic level designer, calm reveals the simplicity, discreet connotation but proclaimed, classical and innovative, showing the fusion of traditional applications of culture and technology in all the places.convenient console, functional buttons placed on the speaker, easily accessible, silicone material, ecological and odorless; SMD buttons with feedback response, light and comfortable to press.

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