TRUE XCore 7 composite bat senior Flex 95

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TRUE XCore 7 composite bat senior Flex 95

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DetailsTrue's next generation of X-series hockey schlaegern comes in the 2017 ACF line. This type of stick is covered by the precision shooter category thanks to the patented XCORE technology and compliment properties presented in the XC7 ACF. For those who are curious, the A-C and F means accuracy, control and feel. This stick is designed to allow you to find precise accuracy, whilst the shot speed, unmatched puck control and the amazing feeling of puck are maximised. Here's the inside scoop in TRUE XC7 ACF. Right TRUE was used in the construction of the rod a letterpress Clave form, which they patented as Axenic technology. The advantage of using this manufacturing process is that it makes a real one-piece hockey sticks which leads to very consistent interior walls, waveform and of course amazing balance and feel. In addition to the technology of Axenic SmartPly technology optimizes the performance, weight and offers an industry-leading impact the XC7. SmartPly Tech is a laminate design used with up to 25 inner layers of unidirectional carbon fiber; the manner how the fibers are angled and the order in which of this angle is, what control of torsional stiffness and protect against impact damage while maximizing the performance and Haltbarkeit.Die XC7 ACF consists mainly of carbon fiber with a mixed small ratio of glass fiber. It of all in a 3 K tissue organized and has a graduated mid Flex profile for optimal performance and feel in all game situations. If we move the blade, we see XCORE's patented technology. This is a compressible urethane insert, which is embedded in the core of the blade, which begins in the heel and extends directly behind the Center. This technology is on average 30% more rotation puck spin, resulting in less chatter and more precise and accurate recording. The XCORE technology absorbs and enhances the puck when passing and puck-handling and offers even more control and feeling. This is the giant component, what is its accuracy, control the XC7 ACF and Gefühl.Neu in the XSERIES of sticks is the plaited rib technology (GRT), first seen in TRUEs SBP lineup. These are seamless braided tubes located in the middle and the bottom of the blade, which act as a double bridge support for the core of the shovel. This technology helps to produce the longest lasting and most consistent blade has ever been TRUE and is up to 50% stronger than its predecessor The advantages of this modified BRT blade prevent that the foam core breaks down and loses its rigidity, which provides an unsurpassed accuracy, Puck control and a feeling. Axenic: True one-piece Racquet patented manufacturing process for producing seamless shaft and blade no splices of shaft and blade no air holes affect the durability no welds uniform wall thickness no cavities Unique game feeling prevents unnecessary weight improves balance and the feedback of the paddle the traditional contact and stress zones of the sticks were further optimiertSmartflex: perfect shot performance no matter what situation you are High precision for optimum energy transfer of the Flexpunkt depending on the shot type of hand position adapts for Wristshots the end of the shafts is soft to ensure maximum leverage and power the player for Slapshots is specifically by the middle of the shaft up to the Trowel optimized Flexzonen were designed so that the flow of energy through the bat without loss is guaranteed and an explosive exit of the puck on the blade erlaubtSmartply: improves performance, durability, and weight up to 25 layers concurrent carbon in a single shaft Flex, Rotary stability and durability are optimum laminate influenced this design countless lab tests only high quality 3 K material is used (more about our materials) extremely high impact through Compression molding ProzessActive bond: unique blade design revolutionary and unmatched an additional strategically positioned carbon bridge in the trowel provides energy transfer for maximum stability and consistency constant maximum from the end to the beginning of the Blades by the dual rib design extremely durable additional material on protects the bottom of splitting of the BladesXCORE technology: from 2015 - the revolutionary technology that changes your game easier handling the puck and allows immediate control of the The disc remains in contact with the blade pucks no bounce and vibrate no uncontrolled moment at the meeting of the puck on the blade reduces the "flap"shots of the blades and more speed at the shot allows the XCORE zone ensures additional precision and accuracy provides for the "Wooden club" similar incredible TRUE game feeling
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