Teeth Cleaning Fingertip Chewing Pet Toothbrushing Stick Dog Toy

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Teeth Cleaning Fingertip Chewing Pet Toothbrushing Stick Dog Toy

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Benefits of an interactive dog toy: - kills Boredom - Mental Stimulation - Expends excessive energy - Kills Aggressiveness - Dog teeth cleaning - Change destructive chewing habits Safe and Non-Toxic Dog chew toys are made with 100% natural rubber and are non-toxic, BPA and Phthalate free Chewing is crucial for jaw strength, oral health and cleanliness, relieving separation anxiety and curing boredom Dog Chewer Toys Tough dog toys are designed with the most beautiful modern styling so that your dogs will have a blast chewing and playing and look great doing it too Dog Teeth Cleaning Toys The surface of the toy has a lot of bumps and spikes, which are very soft, which can help clean the dog's teeth and may bring more irritation to the gums, keep them maintain health and save money on your dogs dental bills. Reduce anxiety and boredom Without toys, dogs can become boring, easily biting shoes and furniture and causing destructive behavior. Dog chew toys teach good chewing habits and alleviate anxiety and boredom while meeting natural chewing needs.

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