Swimming Pool Ball, Underwater Passing Ball

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Swimming Pool Ball, Underwater Passing Ball

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1.FUN UNIQUE SWIMMING POOL BALLS ideal for water and dive games in the pool, lake, or pond. Players can dribble, kick, bounce, and pass the Fruit Water Ball 10 ft underwater and the Fruit Water Ball due to its near-neutral buoyancy The ball stays under the water unlike a volleyball or other types of water ball or inflatables.2.EASY TO FILL AND PLAY ¨C Unlike other inflatable toys, these balls must be filled with water to 9 in diameter for the Fruit Water Ball and 6.5 in diameter for the Fruit Water Ball To fill, you must attach the included hose adapter to your garden hose and follow the included detailed instructions on how to fill the ball to ensure the ball floats properly. When placed in the water, the ball will sink then slowly float to the surface when it is floating properly.3.MORE THAN JUST A POOL OR DIVE TOY - Fruit Water Ball becomes a high intensity Sport when played in larger groups Combining components of football, basketball, and rugby in the water, teams of players compete to score goals by setting the Fruit Water Ball on the opposing team¡¯s pool deck. A goal, hoop, and net items are not required 4.EXCELLENT FOR POOL PARTIES - This is a ball for all ages It will bring the kid out of you. Kids, teens, and adults can enjoy Fruit Water Ball at any pool party with family and friends.

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