Smart Electric Balance Car/scooter Bms 20km With Bluetooth Music

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Smart Electric Balance Car/scooter Bms 20km With Bluetooth Music

Smart Electric Balance Car/scooter Bms 20km With Bluetooth Music

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enhanced version of off-road newly updated, 6 major updates only for a better experience. longer endurance updates, more comfortable tires updates, more podepinks engine updates, balance updates you understand better, APP updates last longer, protection updates last longerGive your child a balanced car, give him a happy fellow, a car smart and intelligent balance, accompany the child to grow up happyAPP intelligent control, intelligent control systemLoading your weight can also move a car is available for the whole family to share, breaking the new update of super heavy load 200 kgNot only a balance of car, but also a toy car, equipped with a remote control system APP to make the balance of the car a toy for childrenYou can always have fun with a long battery life of 32 km away.The BMS battery management system monitors the battery status to ensure that the battery is healthy and keep the power at any time.Three ways to play with a car more fun with children, three types of games with control legs and hands control, adults and children can playLearn new skills in a few minutes, the child is full of sense of accomplishment, the gravity sensor senses the change the center of gravity and the perception of thought is balanced forwardThe safe use of the "core", follows the success and longevity of the child, five main functions update security practical SmartThe speed of the electric vehicle can be controlled by a hand, keep it in good condition at any time, several integrated functions, connected to APP, can best keep the car balanced stateCross when there are obstacles, 15 degree tiltBalance the car that can sing, connect to Bluetooth and listen to music while playingclimbing angle: about 15 degreesEngine properties: Brushless motorEngine power: 250WMaximum speed: 10km / hdriving mileage: about 15KMBattery type: Lithium Battery 18650Charging time: 2 ~ 3h

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