Sleep Aid Rxr Usb Charging - 150mah(yellow)

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Sleep Aid Rxr Usb Charging - 150mah(yellow)

Sleep Aid Rxr Usb Charging - 150mah(yellow)

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Name: Sleep aid Material: ABS Battery energy: 150 mAh Input: 5 V = 1 A Weight: 60 G Working current: 0.1 A Working power: 0.4 W Executive standard: GB4706.1-2005 The hand and the brain restore the neurotransmitter to the same frequency Microcurrent is induced by the hand and leads to the brainstem through the body's nervous system to reduce anxiety and increase concentration, and relax people Why brain waves are so important in disrupting the body clock Brain waves in the brain control our body clock The pressure of life, depression, brain waves will make people anxious and irritable The operating principle of CES CES conducts specially designed micro-currents to the central nervous system of the brain through the hands, stimulates nerve cells to secrete insomnia-related neurotransmitters, and regulates abnormal brain activity, thereby treating symptoms of insomnia. Compared with drugs and health products, it does not undergo human hepatic metabolism, has no drug side effects and addiction.It has been widely used in other countries like Europe and the United States as new treatment for insomnia. Intelligent Sleep Aid Device Anti-insomnia artifact Fatigue relief artifact Sleep device

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