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Silk Sleepmask

Silk Sleepmask

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Silk eye mask not only feels soft, smooth, thick and plump, but also has excellent elasticity. It has good moisture absorption and breathability, and has skin care and health care effects. Silk is a kind of porous fiber, which belongs to a kind of protein fiber. It has a certain protective effect on the skin. It also contains many kinds of amino acids that are good for our body. Has the effect of preventing the hardening of our blood vessels and anti-aging, thus maintaining the smoothness of our skin. Our silk eye mask is super easy to put on, it won't wrinkle or tug on your skin, and it won't pull on your hair. It's lightweight and has soft elasticated silk-covered shoulder straps to keep your mask on all night. Wearing a sleep mask not only improves the quality of our sleep, it also helps us fall asleep faster. Complete darkness will boost your body's melatonin levels, and silk also contains natural proteins and essential amino acids that soothe the skin, perfect for those with insomnia. It's also great for long-distance travel, and we all know the difficulty of trying to get quality sleep on a plane trip, train trip, or even in the car. Your exposure to light can adversely affect your sleep, but all of this can be avoided if you have a silk sleeping mask on hand. They're compact enough to fit in your travel bag and will prove to be the best investment you've ever made

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