SensaTONE - Digital Pelvic Floor Stimulator (PFS)

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SensaTONE - Digital Pelvic Floor Stimulator (PFS)

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The SensaTONE from Body Clock is an ultra simple, yet powerful digital Pelvic Floor Stimulator (PFS). This compact, stylish unit has been designed for use by women of all ages to help strengthen pelvic floor muscles and to treat incontinence. The SensaTONE is designed to stimulate and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles for you. It has 4 pre-set PFS programmes, each treating a different type of incontinence. The internal probe supplied will ensure you are stimulating the correct area. PFS helps to strengthen the Pelvic Floor. Like all other muscles in your body, the more you stimulate them, the stronger they become. Women with strong pelvic floor muscles enjoy greater control over their bladder, increased vaginal tone and greater sensation during intercourse. PFS can also aid post-natal recovery. One in three women suffer from some form of incontinence during their lives. It can occur at any time, most commonly after childbirth. The severity of incontinence can vary and although not life threatening, it can cause depression, isolation and soreness. There are three types of incontinence: 1. Stress incontinence - occurs when sneezing, coughing, laughing, lifting or during exercise and causes a small amount of urine to leak. 2. Urge incontinence - occurs with a strong, sudden and uncontrollable urge to urinate. 3. Mixed incontinence - a combination of urge and stress incontinence.

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