Rwandan Coffee Flee Koakaka 500 g

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Rwandan Coffee Flee Koakaka 500 g

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This batch of Rwanda Huye Koakaka coffee was processed using the double fermented wash method. Koakaka members are constantly trained to harvest only the ripe cherries from their coffee trees. Cherries are delivered the same day that they are harvested at the washing station. The means used for delivery can be walking with the bag of cherries on the head, by bicycle or in small trucks that are organized by the cooperative at a central collection point. Once delivered to the washing station, the cherries are checked and selected again to ensure that only the mature ones are processed. They are then passed through the mechanical pulper, almost always in the afternoon, which separates the grains by weight (the floats are removed) into three categories. After pulping, the coffee is dry fermented for 12 hours. They are then washed and selected again using the flotation channels (the heaviest sinking grains are generally the best). Next, the fermentation is carried out in water, where the parchment remains in a vat with clean water for another approximately 24 hours. Finally they go to high African beds, where women generally select the parchment by hand again when it is still wet, so defects are more easily detected. Once the washing process has been completed with double fermentation and hand wet selection, the beans are finally sun-dried on tall African beds for approximately two weeks. During this period the grains will be moved and stirred several times a day to ensure that the drying is even. Finally, coffee with between 11 to 12% humidity, is stored on parchment, carefully separated and labeled by batch, producer and harvest dates. Once ready for export, it is transported to Kigali for threshing, packing and loading in the container. When we talk about Rwanda, it is impossible not to mention the horrible genocide that occurred exactly 22 years ago (1994) and that left almost 1 million dead. Despite its sinister past, today it is admirable to see how this small nation has risen from the deepest and darkest depths, to become one of the most prosperous and safe countries in all of Africa. Currently, the quality coffee industry in Rwanda is at its best and producing exceptional coffees. The path has clearly not been easy, but through the leadership of serious government, educational projects, and strategic planning, they have laid the solid foundation for this success. Today approximately 420,000 people are directly or indirectly related to the coffee industry. Quality coffee prices are more stable than commercial coffee prices, thereby improving the quality of life for many coffee farmers and their families. In addition, coffee also contributes to the reconciliation of the main ethnic groups: Hutus and Tutsis; as we have seen them working together, shoulder to shoulder, to produce more and better coffee. COUNTRY: Rwanda FINCA: Koakaka REGION: Run away ALTITUDE: Between 1,685 - 1,870 meters PROCESS: Double fermentation TYPOLOGY: Specialty SCA: 86 VARIETY: Sun dried on African beds. Coffee is a very delicate product. Upon contact with air it oxidizes and begins to lose its organoleptic properties; For this reason we give you some tips to keep it better: - Open the bag by the easy opening of the zip / zipper. Never above. Once you have inserted the coffee beans into the compartment of the super automatic coffee bean machine, carefully close the zip again. - Put the necessary amount of coffee for up to two days. The coffee keeps better in the bag with the zip closed than in the compartment or hopper of the coffee maker. - In the case of not having our super-automatic coffee machines, grind the coffee that you are going to use. Once the coffee is ground, the oxidation process multiplies by fifteen. That means it will lose its flavor and aroma much faster. - If you can, once you have opened the bag, store the coffee in a container with a hermetic seal or with a vacuum seal so that it has the minimum contact with air and minimizes the oxidation process. In our accessories section you will find products specially designed for it. - Never store coffee in the fridge. That will make the humidity of the coffee vary and that will also vary its organoleptic characteristics. In addition, coffee easily absorbs the aromas that surround you, we do not want our coffee to have unknown aromas or flavors ... - Never let the sun touch you. In short, store it in a cool and dry place, without sunlight and that does not touch the air.
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