Router Gigabit Amplifier Wifi

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Router Gigabit Amplifier Wifi

Router Gigabit Amplifier Wifi

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Router AX3000 3000Mbps wireless rate Fast Wi-Fi 6 4-way independent signal amplifier Signal coverage increased by 50% Large Memory High Bandwidth A new generation of Qualcomm chips with strong performance Mesh networking support Easy Connect one-click network configuration Acceleration Router AX3000 supports wireless mesh networking with the same model or Router AX9000/AX6000/AX3600/AX1800 and Router AX5/AX6/AX3000. Fast WIFI 6 Surf all the time 3000Mbps wireless rate AX3000 adopts a new generation of WiFi 6 technology, the 5G band supports 2*2 160MHz bandwidth, and the dual-band concurrent wireless rate is up to 2976Mbps. 1495754 Router AC1200 Increased by *2976 Mbps is the maximum theoretical wireless speed when the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands are used concurrently. Actual speeds may vary depending on the surroundings. 5G 160MHz High bandwidth Double the bandwidth and double the speed If a router is a highway, this one comes with extra lanes that both increase transfer rates and prevent unresponsiveness in your devices. *Need to be used in 5G band with the device supporting 160MHz OFDMA technology* Take control with efficient transmission OFDMA technology allows your router to send data to multiple end devices with just one transmission, where a traditional router would need to send multiple transmissions. OFDMA makes for more efficient transmission and reduced latency so you can use multiple devices at the same time, and enjoy instant responsiveness when online gaming, whether that be large-scale or via your smartphone. Received Wi-Fi 6 Router Supporting OFDMA Multiple user data can be transmitted at the same time Receiving Traditional WiFi5 router Only one user's data can be transmitted at the same time *This function requires the device to support OFDMA Fast WiFi6 Enjoy in the whole house One-click connection Build a whole-house intelligent network App automatically discovers the offline smart devices and makes them easily access the Internet, with no password required. * This function requires the device to support Xiaomi Easy Connect. 1495754. Large 256 MB memory Stably connects to 128 devices* The Router AX3000 has 256 MB of memory and supports up to 128 devices connected simultaneously, making it the simple solution for a variety of locations. *128 devices is the combined total connections for 2.4G/5G/LAN under laboratory conditions. Gaming Acceleration Automatically recognize , enable exclusive acceleration when gaming, and significantly reduce game delays and freezes.1495754. *This feature requires your Security app in the MIUI system in to be upgraded to the latest version. Fast WiFi6 Large apartment seamless coverage 4-way independent signal amplifier 4 high-performance independent signal amplifiers (PA and LNA) are installed in the 2.4-GHz band and 5-GHz band respectively. The PA (Power Amplifier) effectively increases the signal transmitting power, allowing the router to transmit signals further and stronger through walls. The LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) increases the signal reception sensitivity, allowing the router to receive a weaker signal from further away. The theoretical signal coverage is increased by 50%*. *The theoretical coverage data compares the router 4A gigabit version. Four high-gain omni-directional antennas Precise debugging with a good layout Wider coverage Longer transmission distance 4 external high-gain omni-directional antennas. Supports LDPC error correction algorithms to significantly enhance anti-interference capabilities and signal coverage for data transmission. networking* Full-home coverage with Wi-Fi 6 Set up mesh networks comprised of multiple routers with compatible mesh router products. No need to worry about the layout of your home, this system is built to work in all kinds of complex layouts and provide full-home signal coverage. The wireless signal roams between each router seamlessly, allowing you to use your network however you please. Support Mesh solution Wireless networking Wired networking Hybrid networking * The device supports the search 802.11k/v protocol, and the actual body is related to the terminal capability and the actual home environment. Fast WiFi6Hardcore everywhere A new generation Qualcomm chip with strong performance The newly designed Qualcomm router chip, NPU and CPU make the operation more efficient and bring powerful data processing capabilities. Independent Network Acceleration Engine Hardware-level acceleration with lower latency The NPU network acceleration engine is designed to process network data traffic and reduce the

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