Rice Balls Relax And Relieve Stress Fun Toys

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Rice Balls Relax And Relieve Stress Fun Toys

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instruction: Material: Flexible and environmentally friendly PU Style: toys/collectibles/mobile phone strap Pattern: Fluffy sushi Looking at the super slow rise, it is so cute that it makes you feel better, and even all the bad feelings have disappeared. Relieve stress. The sponge pendant feels really comfortable, looks realistic, and tastes sweet. Super kawaii is fun to pinch, and it sounds disgusting As careless as your child It can help children stay focused in school. Cute and soft ornaments for mobile phones, bags, keys, gifts, collections, etc. It can also be used as a stress-relieving toy to release emotions. You will not be able to get rid of these stupid, super soft, and very slow-rising soft toys, making the soft toy box a great gift or as a birthday party gift for boys or girls alone. Relaxing toy Sushi Scented Squeeze Slowly rising fun toy to relieve stress, healing gift soft soft fragrance charming

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