Pvc Inflatable Stepper Foot Massage

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Pvc Inflatable Stepper Foot Massage

Pvc Inflatable Stepper Foot Massage

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Mini Inflatable Stepper PVC Massage Dots Wobble Balance Cushion Board Slim Pain Relieve Air Stepper for Sport Fitness Training Note: Its best to inflate full 70% Material: PVC Size: 33*30*cm Thickness: 5cm Bearing weight: 200kg The stepper, also called the balance two-in-one stepper. It mainly exercises the ankle and body balance ability. It allows the practitioner to exercise in an unbalanced state, stimulates the muscles and nerves, and improves the core of the body. Balance ability. Develop core strength, enhance proprioception and knee stability, and also have the effect of foot acupuncture massage._x000D_ Features:_x000D_ 1.There is a double-sided convex massage pedal, which massages the soles of the feet, the front high-intensity massage can improve the body's perception ability. Low intensity back massage, smaller massage points, softer massage, can relieve fatigue._x000D_ 2.Mountain climbing movement, causing leg fat, constantly stretching blood circulation, easily throwing elephant radish legs._x000D_ 3.Unlike previous steppers, the inflatable balance exerciser is compact, lightweight and portable, which is very convenient to perform and helps you to do aerobic exercise anytime and anywhere _x000D_ 4.Just pump the stepper and try to exercise for a little while, then you will gradually reach a good level. It is more stable initially and would be safer for beginners.

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