Pure silk lined sports cap - combats hair loss & frizzy hair -

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Pure silk lined sports cap - combats hair loss & frizzy hair -

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White Lotus-100% Pure Silk Lined Sports Cap- reduce damage to thinning hair, frizzy hair & assist in hair restoration If you’re a person that suffers from thinning hair, then the White Lotus cap might be just the product for you. This cap is not only ideal for anyone who suffers from thinning hair, but also helps in prevention of other scalp issues such as frizzy hair or itchy and dry skin on the scalp. This silk cap has origins all the way to China in which it helped those who dealt with hair loss. Silk is a naturally breathable material and thus one of the many reasons that it’s ideal as material for products such as the White Lotus Anti-Aging pure silk lined sports cap. If you’re not sold just on why you need this great product, then keep reading. What else can it do? One great thing this product will do is prevent more hair from falling out. While some caps may pull at the hair or cause thinning hair to worsen, this is never an issue with the White Lotus silk lined sports cap. You’ll never have to worry about frizzy hair either because this cap lacks in the friction most caps cause and thus frizzy hair is now a thing of the past. Most caps will block out moisture and leave the top of your head feeling dry and irritated. However, the Lotus actually works to keep moisture in which can prevent dry skin on the head, itching and other forms of irritation. While you might find yourself concerned with mold or fungus growing from the excess moisture, Lotus has you covered there too. Properties in the material work together to block the growth of mold, fungus and unwelcome odors that could build. Best of all, Silk is a great product for the skin and can be used on a range of people including men, women and even children. The material that comes with the Lotus is meant to strengthen your hair while allowing it breathable room to grow, and be moisturized. There are just so many properties that come with the Lotus silk cap that it can benefit just about anyone. There are numerous places it can be worn or ways to use it, just depends on you. When you purchase a Lotus you’ll never have to worry about logos so you don’t have to worry about unwanted designs on the cap.  An added benefit when you purchase the Lotus Silk cap is the options that are available. There are roughly three different colors you can choose the product in which means you’re able to customize it as a gift no matter the gender or age the cap is being brought for. The cap itself is completely made of cotton which means it’s safe to wash, comfortable and will hold up against most wear and tear for a considerable amount of time. When you purchase a Lotus cap, your purchasing a real quality product too. Ethical Silk White Lotus use only 'peace' silk which means that the worms are not killed during the harvesting process. They instead go on to become moths, mate lay eggs and begin the sustainable process again.  

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