Probiotic Chewable Tablet Improve Mouth Disease Bad Breath Oral Hygiene Throat Discomfort Supporting Respiratory System

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Probiotic Chewable Tablet Improve Mouth Disease Bad Breath Oral Hygiene Throat Discomfort Supporting Respiratory System

Probiotic Chewable Tablet Improve Mouth Disease Bad Breath Oral Hygiene Throat Discomfort Supporting Respiratory System

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You need a mask for pathogenic microorganism More in need of microecological protection -- "Mask" of Probiotic Biofilm The Pathogenic microorganism prevention and control: external protection (physical mask) internal protection (beneficial bacteria "mask ")= Double Insurance Protection What is "Mask" of Probiotic Biofilm? In good health, the human body has a layer of mucosal surface dominated by bacteria microbial barrier, it can prevent the invasion of pathogenic microorganism fixed value, activate the body's immune system to eliminate pathogens, will stay on the pathogens in the body limit within the scope of the harmless to the human body, this is the ecological defense with probiotic biofilm, Is also the face of harmful bacteria you urgently need to wear the probiotic biofilm "mask". Whether this probiotic biofilm "mask" is damaged which is closely related to human health, and its damage degree is the degree of invasion of pathogenic microorganisms. Supplement our probiotic Chewable Tablet Supplement our probiotic Chewable Tablet Production of organic acids, antibiotics, antioxidants, and Reducing the PH Of Saliva inhibiting the growth of oral bacteria pathogenic (Streptococcus mutans), Reduce the Content of Volatile Harmful Substance in the breath this product helps the balance of floraestablishes a viable probiotic membrane beneficial bacteria barrier in the oral Symptoms disappear (bad breath, oral ulcers, dental caries, periodontal disease) Taking the harmful bacteria as an example the first stage: the harmful bacteria tentatively invades the human body, the probiotic biofilm is threatened at the first encounter, the clinical symptoms are not obvious, the immunity is strong enough, it can be removed. The second stage: the harmful bacteria breaks through the probiotic biofilm, the source of infection cannot be cut off when the probiotic biofilm is broken, the harmful bacteria enters the human body, causing fever, cough and other symptoms. The third stage: as the harmful bacteria continues to invade, the probiotic biofilm is destroyed, the human immune system overreacts, causing an "inflammatory storm". The forth stage: the probiotic biofilm is completely destroyed, the human immune system is disordered, the alveoli are completely filled with inflammatory exudation and necrotic material, unable to breathe on their own, and even shock.It can be seen that timely supplementation of beneficial bacteria and repair of probiotic biofilm is an essential part of the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. With early repair, more severe symptoms can be avoided later. Using BALANCEPRO Probiotic Chewable Tablets, supplement beneficial bacteria, repai

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