Nubwo Gaming Wired Computer Headset, Cable Length: 1.25 Meters

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Nubwo Gaming Wired Computer Headset, Cable Length: 1.25 Meters

Nubwo Gaming Wired Computer Headset, Cable Length: 1.25 Meters

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1. Impedance: 32 ohms 2. Sensitivity: 93db 3. Weight: 24g 4. Power: 3mW 5. Cable length: 1.25 meters 6. Directivity: Omnidirectional microphone 7. With or without microphone: Yes 8. Sounding principle: moving coil 9. Speaker diameter: 10mm 10. Plug diameter: 3.5mm 11. Usage: In-ear 12. Frequency response: 50Hz-5KHz 13. Purpose: game audio-visual headset, mobile phone headset, voice headset, sports headset 14. Headphone jack: 3.5mm 15. Microphone size: 6.0x2.7mm 16. Microphone sensitivity: -42dB 17. Microphone impedance: 2.2 kiloohms 18. Input interface: 3.5 four-level pin 19. Headphone output audio source: communication equipment 21. Packing list: earphone + color box packaging + manual + one to two lines 22. Comfortable lock ears, not tired to wear: ergonomic wingtip cartilage, lightweight design, close to the auricle, wear firmly 23. Intelligent noise reduction, accurate reception 24. One thing, two uses, music headphones in seconds 25. Pluggable high-definition microphone: high-performance microphone, high-definition noise reduction, clear and no current 26. Wire-controlled microphone: One-key switch between game and call 27. 3D game sound effects, enhance the on-site experience, and accurately identify the enemy's location 28. 10mm game drive unit: high-fidelity restore game, real sound effects, sound immersive

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