Nail Gel Set With 36w Uv Lamp, Top Direct 6 Colors Nail Extension

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Nail Gel Set With 36w Uv Lamp, Top Direct 6 Colors Nail Extension

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product description:Manicure tools:1 * Pink X3 USB LED nail lamp with 18 LED lamp beads6*15ML quick gel1 * 50Pcs nail tip1*UV brush (double-sided)1 * Synovial fluid (30ml)1 * Nail file (thinner)1*6 polishing block1 * Nail Sticker1 * Nail clippers1 * French prompt guide1 * Cleaning brush1*10 spreader1 * glass1 * Top coat1 * PrimerUV/LED nail lamp:Name: Pink X3 USB LED nail lamp 18 LED lamp beadsPlug type: USB plugSpecification: 36WAdjustable timer: 30/60/90sSuitable for gel types: various gelsMotion sensor: start with your hand and turn on the light; extend your hand and the light will go outdescription:Like a master?1. Cut the nails thoroughly and cleanly, wipe the inside and edges with a sponge to remove dead skin and oil stains.2. Apply a thin layer of primer and cure under UV/LED light for 30s or 60s. Don't completely dry the primerCuring 3. Choose the shape and size that fit the nail tip.4. Apply nail extender to the shape of the nail, and then use a UV brush with Slip Solution to smooth the gel.5. Apply the nail shape to your natural nails, make sure the nail shape fits your nails, and then cure under UV/LED lights.6. Cut out the shape you want and polish the edges with a nail file.7. Apply a thin layer of topcoat and cure with LED light for 60 seconds or UV light for 120 seconds.8. Make nails according to your fantasy.Note: If you want to apply some dipping powder or decorations on your nails, you can do it before applying the top coat.Tips:1. It can be matched with different colors of nail polish to create different colors, or it can be matched with gold powder to create shiny nails.2. If you don't have a cleaning pad, alcohol or nail cleaner can also help make these nail extension gel nails smooth.3. After receiving the nails, you can wipe both sides of the nails with alcohol or nail cleaner, so that the sticky layer will be removed and the nails will be smoother and shinyHow to prevent easy peeling?1. File your nails and remove the cuticle. Dry and clean your nails and make sure your nails are oil-free.2. Apply thicker gel, thicker means stronger.3. Do not harden the primer until it is completely dry. It is normal for the primer to stick after curing.4. Practice is very important. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.5. We recommend: Primer curing for 30 seconds, LED light (60 seconds with ultraviolet light), extension of each layer of nail polish-60 seconds (120 seconds with ultraviolet light), top coat 60 seconds (120 seconds with ultraviolet light)

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