Memory foam acupressure mat & pillow- winner best in europe 2018, 2019, 2020

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Memory foam acupressure mat & pillow- winner best in europe 2018, 2019, 2020

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Introducing the White Lotus Acupressure Mat & Pillow Set -Premium Acupressure Mat - Unique Mat & Pillow made in Europe by hand according to EU standards with Memory Foam, No Glue and No Allergenic Dyes are used. CREATED BY ACUPUNCTURISTS TO WORK Winner Best Acupressure Mat in the prestigious Vergleich products Awards Germany 2016, 2017 and 2018.It won again in 2019, 2020 on These awards are well known in Germany and are similar to Which Magazine product reviews. Amongst other things the mats were judged on quality of materials, design of the plastic spikes and after sales customer service. •EFFECTIVE - 6534 spikes on Acupressure Mat and the acupressure pillow has 1944.They were specifically designed to regulate endorphins to increase energy levels, eliminate stress, sleeping disorders, tense muscles, to get rid of head and neck pain (1, 2). •LARGE - Made to fit European physique standards to give a better cover for your head for higher effect. Acupuncture mat size is 65 x 42cm and the pillow is 28 x 24 cm. •SAFE - Spikes are made of food grade plastic, and not from ABS plastic. No glue is used to attach the spikes avoiding any potential allergies. Cotton is dyed only with non allergenic dye. •COMFORTABLE - The only acupressure pillow made using unique memory foam to contour your individual neck and head better. •ETHICAL – All European materials produced with accordance to textiles certificates in terms of both the cotton and the foam. The Euro Mat Acupressure Mat and Pillow is the 1st acupressure pillow set created particularly for European customer and produced entirely in Europe from EU materials and according to European standards. European quality standards are completely different from the ones used for most acupuncture mats and pillows in Asia. This acupuncture mat and pillow set is the only set that contains memory foam to fit better your neck and head contours. The spikes are from food-grade plastic not ABS plastic. They are joined to the cotton without the glue to avoid the use of potentially toxic glues. The acupressure mat was originally extensively researched and created in Russia in the 1970’s. Then it was widely used for many diseases and health conditions. Research claims that it produces effect by stimulating production of endorphins. It can be used easily but effectively at home to improve many aspects of person’s life. The Acupressure Mat and pillow benefits are as follows, it regulates endorphins to increase energy levels, eliminate stress, solve the problems with poor sleeping, tense muscles, shoulder, head, and neck pain (1,2).  Specifications: The size of the pillow is 28cm by 24cm and is bigger than our competitors to meet European physique standards. It contains 8478 spikes in total produced from certified food grade plastic. Its cheaper competition – other acupressure pillows and mats are usually made of ABS plastics, which may be toxic, prone to bright sunlight and are normally attached using glue. Glue-free. No toxic glues are used to glue plastic to the mat. One-of-a-kind cover is attached to the pillow for ease of storage. High-grade memory foam made of visco-elastic is used to better fit your unique structure. 100% cotton with is used for fabric and the foam. Hand-made in the Europe from European materials this is the highest quality mat on the market today.

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