Marvel Ip54 Mini Wireless Portable Speaker Bluetooth 4.1

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Marvel Ip54 Mini Wireless Portable Speaker Bluetooth 4.1

Marvel Ip54 Mini Wireless Portable Speaker Bluetooth 4.1

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Aegis format, quality selection, inspired by the M101 design comes from the American team Aegis. The US team Aegis is a podepink weapon in the US team battle, or a symbol of spirit and faith. It is the embodiment of justice, freedom and equality, and also represents the uncompromising soul that never gives up and is unwavering.The M101 inner material is made of ABS alloy Aegis ring and flexible silicone jacket. With a hanging metal ring round, metal texture and delicate touch combine harmoniously, and the tenacity and ingenuity coexist on both sides, complementing.The sound effect of the shock machine is flourishing wireless and supporting technology to leather hollow suspension speaker.The M101 speaker uses the technology supporting the suspension of walker skin cavity (patent of the Chinese utility model. Patent number ZL201520305685.0) You can get a course of greater response, a lower dynamic damping, both the volume surprisingly low frequency as the average sound and acute ethereal hole round, the subwoofer in your palm, HIGH to burst at any time.4SW is not distorted, never underestimate the small bodyThe M101 adopts ClassD power amplifier with high efficiency and sound great palm actually sends power 4.5W not be distorted, so that the two ears do not have a sharp sense due to distortion.4.I Bluetooth, music is always on callThe Bluetooth module adopts the new CSR 4.1, with a transmission distance of up to 10 meters, allowing you to enjoy the infinite goodness easily.Playback Function Bluetooth wireless, using high quality Bluetooth chip, get rid of the thin beam, the music is free.The duration of the extra long battery is full of power; selects the M101 polymer battery capacity and large battery 20 hours. andAnd the charging time is fast and the power is lasting, what do you listen at the same time.Never feared, IP54 waterproof and dustThe M1O1 has been specially designed for outdoor use, with a small "three protection" ... "drawing, dust and leakage"The test also looks bright, so no need to worry.independent speedboat Voice release, equipped with TF card slot, supports up to 32 GBIn the small body M101, it is also equipped with a TF card slot, which can directly touch the music in TF card, support 32 GB (local tyrant level) and support playback breakpoint memory, use more freely .impressive details show the true character of the hero and the symbolic tone status prompt silicone jacket buttonIt can cause the protected product has an anti-alcohol function (which can effectively prevent the damage caused by the collision of the base between the machine and the ground), the symbolic buttons are flexible and easy to identify, quickly press the button +/- to control the volume and press and hold up / down Music, connection / disconnection of teeth / toneMaximum volume / low battery reminder.

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