Long Probe Digital Moisture Meter

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Long Probe Digital Moisture Meter

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Grain Moisture Tester MD-7822 Grain Moisture Meter Grain Moisture Tester Dimensions 174 38 73 (host) (mm) Ambient temperature -10 ~ 60 ()Accuracy (1% Rh + 0.5) Measuring range 2% ~ 30%Grain Type Moisture Meter Model MD7822I. OverviewThis instrument is powerful and can measure the humidity and temperature of a variety of grains. It is suitable for the allocation, purchase, storage and processing of packaged grain. It can be measured quickly and accurately while working.Measure the moisture and temperature of the grain.2. Performance characteristics:* Using microcomputer (CPU) technology to make the measurement more precise* With automatic temperature compensation function* Large LCD display with backlight to ensure clear readings and no parallax.* There is a special backlight control switch, which is convenient for saving battery.* Using four AA batteries for power, when the battery voltage is lower than the specified value, it is displayed automatically.* Sturdy and exquisite structure, the whole machine adopts durable and optimal electronic components, and the shell is light and hardMade of ABS plastic, beautiful appearance, easy to carry and simple to use.* The types of cereals that can be tested: wheat, rice, rice, cornThree technical indicatorsHumidity measurement range: 2% ~ 30%Maximum error: (1% Rh + 0.5)Resolution: 0.5%Temperature measuring range: -10 ~ 60 (14 ~ 140 )Maximum error: 2 ( 4 )Resolution: 1 / 2 Use environment: temperature: -10 ~ 40 (14 ~ 104 )Humidity: 0 ~ 70% Rhweight:The above weight includes the measuring probe and the batterySize: 174 38 73 (host)365 25 43 (measuring probe)Four, user manual1. Install the battery and press the button to turn it on.2. Press the button to select the measuring element of the counter: the moisture content of the measured grain or the temperature of the position where the probe is located. When measuring the moisture content of the grain, the meter displays " XL. %" and the measuring probeWhen the temperature is upright, the meter displays " 1 -". By default, the meter is able to measure grain moisture content when turned on.3. Grain moisture content measurement: Confirm the meter is able to display grain moisture content, press the button to select the grain to be measuredType (the type is represented by the display screen 1, 2, 3, 4, 1 is wheat, 2 is rice, 3 is rice, 4 is corn), insert the probe into the grain to be tested , then the grainFor moisture content measurement, the meter display is the moisture content of the grain to be measured. During measurement, if you press the key, "MAX" is displayed on the screen and the meter enters maximum hold mode.Mode, press the button again to exit this mode. In maximum hold mode, the display will only be updated when the measured value is greater than the current display value, otherwise it will not be updated. Side buttonFor the read hold button, press it for the first time to select the read hold function (the display shows the symbol), and press again to cancel the function (the display does not display the symbol) .4. Temperature measurement: When selecting the temperature of the position where the measuring probe is located, the meter can approximately display the temperature of the environment where the probe is located. At this time, press to toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit (The meter displays degrees Celsius by default).5. When the measurement is complete, press Stop and the meter will go into standby state.6. Activate / deactivate the screen backlight

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