Interactive Addictive Spherical Cat Toy

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Interactive Addictive Spherical Cat Toy

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Product Description [Perfect Appearance]:2 colors(Pink&Blue) Cute, small and exquisite cat shape, available in two colors of pink and blue, built-in catnip, shaped into a ball, can be rotated 360 degrees, and it is more convenient for cats to lick and bite [Keep Stomach Intestines Healthy]: Using catnip balls can help cats spit out cat hair that has been licked into the body, tby promoting good digestion and reducing pain caused by bloating and stomach pain [Improve Mood]: When the cat is in a low mood or environment is just changed, give the cat some catnip, which can stimulate the cat and make the cat hallucinate, let them relax and become excited, and also increase the cats The amount of activity is conducive to the health of the cat [Pasted & Removable]: The bottom of the mint toy can be glued to the wall or the floor with the matching double-sided adhesive, or it can be moved and used independently,small volume flexible change. [Molar Clean Teeth]: Cats can effectively reduce the plaque and tartar of the cat during the process of biting the mint ball, freshen the breath, and can also supplement vitamins and increase appetite

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