Higher Levels Raw Probiotics For Care Repair Gynecological Female Infection Vaginal Discharge Abnormalities And Odor Care Vagina Health

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Higher Levels Raw Probiotics For Care Repair Gynecological Female Infection Vaginal Discharge Abnormalities And Odor Care Vagina Health

Higher Levels Raw Probiotics For Care Repair Gynecological Female Infection Vaginal Discharge Abnormalities And Odor Care Vagina Health

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External Use Higher Raw Probiotic Tablet For Gynecological Inflammation Why QYAN Probiotics Tablets For Women ? By supplementing directly with plenty of the beneficial bacteria, this product helps the balance of flora, establishes a viable and beneficial bacteria barrier, makes the inter-wall mucosa of feminine genital tract to keep moisturized, smooth and elastic QYAN Probiotic Lyophilized Active Factor Bacteriostatic Tablet gives you a healthier environment of private parts If you are experiencing any urinary tract or vaginal health issues, this is just the solution you need for combating common infection types. Helps restore healthy vaginal flora & promotes urinary tract health 1.Probiotics are a kind of active microorganisms that are beneficial to the host. They are the general term of active beneficial microorganisms that can be colonized in the human intestinal tract and reproductive system and produce definite health effects to improve the microecological balance of the host and play beneficial roles.The main beneficial bacteria or fungi in human body and animals are: clostridium caseinate, lactobacillus, bifidobacteria, actinomycetes, yeast and so on. 2.There are normal bacteria in the vagina under physiological conditions, that is, under normal conditions the vagina is not sterile, there are several bacteria in a certain proportion of the growth.The main ones are lactobacilli, which maintain an acidic environment in the vagina and inhibit the growth of other bacteria. 3.Below normal state, the normal bacterium community in vagina is restricted between each other, add the immunity of the person oneself, when contacting certain pathogenic bacterium can remove its in time and do not cause disease.But if the immune system is compromised, or if there are too many pathogens in one exposure, or if one or more of the normal flora is destroyed, and the other flora multiplies, the infection can occur. 4.Research shows that gynecological problem patients, most of the vaginal microecological imbalance.The effect of probiotics is to restore microecological balance.The effect of probiotics alone is not as fast as that of antibiotics, but it is easy to relapse with antibiotics alone. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce inflammation first and then supplement bacteria, which can prevent repeated attacks. What Does QYAN Women Do? 1 For Infertility: use 30 minutes before sex can make the vaginal flora and PH value reach the best state, greatly increase the amount of sperm storage, improve the probability of pregnancy. 2Our product For Medical treatment: itchiness disappeared within 10 minutes; The burning pain disappears in 30 minutes; 1 day normal leucorrhea; Gynecological inflammation is observed for 3 days. 7 days eliminate the unpleasant smell Otherwise invalid refund 3For Nursing: 1. Improve Sex Apathy, Improve Vagina Elastic 2.Making The Feminine Private Part Moisturizes And Tightens 3.Making The Vagina Firm, Moist, Smooth And Elastic 4.Improve Vaginal Discharge Abnormalities and Vaginal Infection 5.Prevent gynecological diseases , Relieve itching and odor 6.Healthier microbiome for your body and suppress bacterial growth 7.Protects the health of private parts. 43 boxes of one treatment, confidential delivery, care for your privacy. Material: 3-strains Raw probiotics, provide the most effective gold ratio for vaginal inflammation, reject all unsafe factors, non-toxic, no addiction, no side effects, pregnant women can use. Suitable for use in sexual life, before and after menstruation, induced abortion and pregnancy, without any

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