High-pressure Water Gun

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High-pressure Water Gun

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descriptionWith nozzle: This sprayer has a non-slip and comfortable grip and a rotatable baffle. There are 8 spraying methods, which are very suitable for house, car, floor, courtyard washing, garden watering, pet cleaning, entertainment or business use. 100% metal hose: It has the characteristics of good flexibility, strong fatigue resistance, high pressure resistance, high temperature and low temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. Its life span is much longer than other metal hoses. Unique design: metal interface + TPE hose. Automatic drainage is convenient for storage, and solves the problem of difficulty in collecting and knotting ordinary water pipes. Expandable and flexible: This expandable hose is 3 times expandable and has a powerful pressurizing function. It can automatically expand when water is injected, and automatically discharge when water is closed, so the entire performance can be achieved with only one hose. After the water is discharged, the rubber hose will return to its original length within a few minutes. The expanded garden hose has simple functions and is very flexible. Light weight and portability: The lightweight garden hose is equipped with a non-woven storage bag, which can save space and is easy to carry and store. When not in use, just drain the water from the hose and put it in a bag to avoid direct sunlight. In addition, a water pipe with a beautiful storage bag can be a perfect gift for family and friends as a gardener. Note: This garden hose has European specifications and American specifications, and you can buy it according to your country's standards.

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