Coscelia Uv Nail Gel Varnish Nail Polish 10 Piece Gel Varnish Uv Set 8ml Nail Gel Varnish

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Coscelia Uv Nail Gel Varnish Nail Polish 10 Piece Gel Varnish Uv Set 8ml Nail Gel Varnish

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About this article [Brilliant color] We adjusted 10 pieces of gel polish to the current color. You can customize the style freely and use it on different occasions. A pair of beautiful manicures can always bring out your elegant and beautiful face and double your charm [Long shelf life and wide coverage] We have a capacity of 8ml per bottle. If used properly, the gel polish will not keep chipping on your nails and has a very good application consistency. [Health and minor damage] Our product materials meet the testing standards. Compared with other products, the smell is slight and not pungent. Suitable for beginners or professional manicurists. [Friendly Tips] The products in this shop need to be cured under UV/LED nail lamps, and the average curing time is 30-60 seconds, which is essential for long-lasting nail art. how to use 1. Cut the cuticles, file the nails into the desired shape, and then separate them briefly. 2. Remove excess stratum corneum. 3. Gently polish the nail surface with the polished surface, and then wipe it with a cleaning pad. 4. Apply a thin layer of primer and cure under a nail lamp for 30-60 seconds. 5.2-3 Apply a thin layer of gel polish on the nails and cure under the lamp for 60 seconds 6. Seal the whole thing with top coat and harden for 60 seconds 7. Wipe off the sticky sweat layer with a cleaning pad 8. Done How to remove nail polish 1. Clean hands and nails. Use a file to gently remove the topcoat. 2. Open the makeup remover pad, put it on each nail and wrap it with the makeup remover pad. 3. Wait for 15/20 minutes. 4. Tear off the makeup remover pad and use a cuticle pusher to remove the residue How to avoid easy peeling 1. Remove the excess cuticle, trim the edges, file the nail surface completely, and make sure it is dry and clean. 2. Remember to apply a thin layer. Thinner means stronger. 3. Apply all layers, trying to reach the edge of the nail. In particular, the top coat and primer must be wrapped around the edge of the nail and the fingertips of the nail. 4. The gel curing time should not be too long or too short. (It is normal that the primer and nail polish are still a little sticky after curing, so that the adhesion between the nail and the gel layer will be better.)

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