Clothes Dryer Wyyx 01 30min 200w 360

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Clothes Dryer Wyyx 01 30min 200w 360

Clothes Dryer Wyyx 01 30min 200w 360

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Dryer dryerAll -in -one drying, farewell to humidity. Dry clothes and dry shoes are easy to get and portable. Traveling at home, easily storage, does not take up space. Throughout the year's warranty, the quality problems occurred for free warranty within one year.The rainy season can also be baptized, traveling on business, fast washing and drying, easy replacement, rainy weather, no fear of humid and moldy, babies' clothing and changing diligently, enjoying dryness. Thick clothing, farewell to hard to dry.Dry clothes and roasted shoes, one portable. Simple design, refusing to be complicated.The color of pure white is simplified, and a few steps are completed. Smart disassembly, free storage, does not take up space, Yishi IKEATo the simple disposable control, you can easily fix wet clothes and wet shoes.Super bearing capacity | soft and rigidSeemingly light and small, but the support is not to be underestimated, the load can reach 5kg, which fully witnessed the advantages of the selection of materials.The telescopic shoe tube can be satisfied.Refusing the wet feet sticky, the boots are dry, the feet are easy. Stretching the shoe tube, high boots can be easily dried, shortening the shoe tube, which can be portable and stored, and you can get two birds with one stone.Light and portable, easy to disassemble and store.Patent air duct design, do speed within 3 hours, without fear of rainy days. Turn on one click, alternate the hot and cold air, automatically enter the hot air mode, and quickly dry the clothes with a warm air of 50 -60 . After 3 hours, switch to the cold wind state (can also be manually switched to the cold wind at any time) to make the clothes appear naturally smoothly, and the electricity saves electricity | unsatisfactory use.PTC ceramic heating technology adopted by European and American standards6 hours = 1 electricityDuring the rainy season, it can also be used frequentlyMitsu Protection | RemainSafe experience is naturally a priority consideration when developing products. This product from material selection to system control and other aspects, all of which are pursuing the principle of safety supremacy.Select detailsThe design of the storage bag, the removable hook, the duct shoe tube, is all put into the bag, and the humanity is light and portable.One -click design, turn -off/hot and cold wind. One -click switch, easy to get started, easy to operate.1.8 meters of electricity lines, dry shoes and baked shoes have no stumbling, extended in length, free and convenient operation.

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