CCM Ribcor 88K Skates Intermediate

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CCM Ribcor 88K Skates Intermediate

  • Brand: CCM
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Brand new for 2021 are CCM's latest iteration of the Ribcor Skate line, the CCM Ribcor 88K Ice Hockey Skates This new skate is specifically designed to maximize agility on the ice and provide a perfect balance between comfort and performance. Starting with the Quarter Pack, the Ribcor 88K Hockey Skates feature a composite Quarter Pack with MetaFrame technology. This ergonomic boot shapes your foot better for an excellent fit around your foot. This helps with forward flex and lateral stability, allowing players to get the most power and efficiency out of their steps. The RFM composite material gives the shoe a variable stiffness profile of 150 and provides a solid core for good skating performance. New for this year at the Ribcor 88k Hockey Skates is the ability to adjust your tongue with the new XS tongue system. The interchangeable two-layer tongue with 7 mm felt and an asymmetrical flex point adapts better to your foot shape while providing advanced tip bite protection. And if you prefer a thinner or thicker tongue, the XS system allows for easy tongue replacement and gives you a customizable fit out of the box. On the inside, the Ribcor 88K hockey skates feature an HD microfiber liner. This powerful, moisture-wicking material keeps players as dry and comfortable as possible throughout the game. Hand in hand with this liner are the ADPT memory foams. These symmetrical foams wrap tightly but comfortably around the player's feet, providing an anatomical fit and comfort for all different foot shapes. The outsole features Dual Injected Reinforced TPU with exhaust system, which is a lightweight, stiff design that provides better energy transfer and wicks moisture out of the shoe. In the lower half of the Ribcor 88K Hockey Skates you will find the SpeedBlade XS holder On the back of each holder, players will find CCM's so-called BladeLock technology. This is a form-fitting dial that firmly attaches the blade to the holder and prevents the blade from coming loose during play. This design, in turn, provides players with consistent and maximum power transfer at every step. For added comfort, the CCM Ortholite footbed provides increased grip. Together with the new SpeedBlade XS holder are the XS stainless steel runners. These runners provide a long-lasting edge for long-term performance. With the new XS tongue system and upgrades in almost every aspect of the skate, the CCM Ribcor 88K Ice Hockey Skates are suitable for the middle skater who wants to further improve protection, comfort and performance
  • Brand: CCM
  • Category: Ice Skates
  • Colour: Regular (Medium Profile)
  • Size: 5.5 (39.0)

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