CCM Premier P2. 5 senior goalie rail senior

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CCM Premier P2. 5 senior goalie rail senior

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Attention The picture may show a color arrangement which is not available Brand new for the year 2018, CCM has revised its flagship Premier line and released the CCM Premier P2.5 Senior Goalie Leg Pads. The Premier P2.5 Senior builds on the already successful Premier R1.5 line and brings with it new technical details and technical details. Starting with the inner core of the pad, the Premier P2.5 pad has almost 20% weight reduction for each pad that has a specially balanced and revised core designed for the Butterfly Goalie. The strapping and leg channel shapes are also specifically reduced to save weight. When you step on the back of the pad, you will notice that there are no leather straps. This is due to CCM, which uses a fully elastic and nylon-like setup to keep the pad attached to the leg while reducing weight. Similar designs from previous generations have a 2-inch-wide elastic band that comes out of the knee block and can be attached to the calf just above the knee or at an angle. The attachment to the outside of the knee is still removable, which is perfect for those who want to experiment with strapping options or different knee pad sizes. Building on the same technology built into the Premier R1.5, the upper calf strap is still considered the most important and integral for a successful rotation of a pad. You can now find this technology as a Quick Motion Strap System. This is a large "Y" style setup within the pads sliding edge and goalies calf that transitions into a 2-inch elastic strap that attaches to the outside of the goalies calf via a Velcro fastener. This strap helps to anchor the pad and hold the goalent's goal firmly in the pad. There is something to give in the elastic straps that allow for faster fall speed and recovery in and out of butterfly movements. Following the same construction principle as the Quick Motion calf strap at the top, there is a larger nylon strap that closes the entire leg canal. This strap starts at the inside of the calf and doubles back to itself through a loop on the outside of the leg canal and the Velcro fastener. This strap can be adjusted as tight or loose as desired, but it is recommended to keep it tighter as it helps to pull the calf of the pad close to the inside of the leg. A big difference between the CCM Premier R1.5 and Premier P2.5 is the boat angle. On the R1.5, the boat angle was at such a stiff and straight angle that goalkeepers had to fall into the knees to get the right fit, but that was changed with the Premier II. Now there is a similar dimensioning between the ExtremeFlex and Premier lines. This is due to a slight change in the angle of the boot, which is not too soft or stiff, but has a feather-like feel that allows deep shocks but does not collapse or settle. The newer boat angle is a 60-degree boot shape, while the ExtremeFlex has a boot angle of 90 degrees. After completing the padding, there is a brand new material in the kneecaps that gives the goalkeeper a phenomenal grip when sitting in the butterfly. This new design is the 3D Grip with PE foams, a shiny silver material with a specific grip pattern that adapts directly to goalkeepers who fall into the butterfly, but also provides perfect grip when leaning on the pad in the RVH position. Compared to the P2.5 Senior goalposts, the Premier P2.9 will have a higher quality construction with higher quality materials in both the outer material and the inner core. If you're an entry-level butterfly goalkeeper looking for the lightest CCM pad ever, with harder rebounds, then look no further than the CCM Premier P2.5 Senior Goalie Leg Pads.  

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