Candy Dishwasher/Washing Machine Bipolar Switch Assembly

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Candy Dishwasher/Washing Machine Bipolar Switch Assembly

By Zerowatt

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Genuine spare part for select Candy and Hoover appliances Genuine Candy spare part Switch Assembly Compatible with the following models: Hoover A5001 A8001-1 A8001-1ITA A8001-1UK A80011 A80011ITA A80011UK A9001N A9002 A9004 A9007SMART AAA977 AM110-11 AM130-11 AM540S-11 AM542SX-11 AM642SX-11 B4001-(F) C4100-(UI) C4100W C4400NX C4400W C4400W-(ARG) C4400W-(OS) C4400W-(UK) C4420 C4800NX C4800W C4810W(NORD) C5008W C5400W C5420 C5800W C7400W C7400W-(UK) C7800NX C7800W C7800W-(ARG) C7810W(NORD) C8000S C8008W CA106TR CA66TR CA861TR CA86TR CB1013TR CB1023TR CB1024T CB1033TR-Y CB103TR CB1043TR CB1043TR-M CB1053TR CB1213TR-EXP CB1224T CB123TR CB412XT CB414 CB42T CB42TR CB43XTR CB52T CB53XTR CB612XT CB623XTR-HC CB62T CB62TR CB633XTR CB63TES CB63TR CB63XTR CB66TRSY CB73TR CB74TR CB824T CB82T CB82TR CB83T CB83TR CB85TR CB86TRSY CD257 CD260SCHIARA CD262 CD262X CD351S CD352 CD352ARG CD353S CD353SITA CD373 CD373C CD373SK CD472 CD474S CD474SB CD474SITA CD474SR CD474SX CD474SXITA CD474SY CD474UK CD474XUK CD475S CD475SX CD483AC CD489DAC CD490SCHIARA CD571S CD585HS CD585HSARG CD585HSITA CD587HS CD687S CD797SMART CD797SMARTAC CD797SMARTSY CD797SMARTUK CD797SMARTX CD798SMART CDW250 CDW250-(ARG) CDW250-(OS) CDW250-(UK) CDW250-CBR CDW250-D CDW250CBR CDW250D CDW250NX CDW250S CDW250S-KOR CDW250SNX CDW251S CDW252 CDW252-1 CDW2521 CDW254 CDW254-1-UK CDW254-UK CDW2541-UK CDW254E CDW254E-1 CDW254E1 CDW254ITA CDW254NX CDW254S CDW254SNX CDW254SNX-1 CDW254SNX1 CDW254SXXTG CDW255S-(CE) CDW256 CDW258E CDW258S CDW35-(E) CDW35-1 CDW351 CDW36 CDW36-1 CDW361 CDW363 CDW365 CDW365S CDW36E CDW374 CDW374-1 CDW3741 CDW376 CDW376-1 CDW3761 CDW376S CDW376SBL CDW376SR CDW376SSTEEL CDW376SY CDW378 CDW464-UK CDW470 CDW470-(UK) CDW470S CDW470S(ARG) CDW470S-KOR CDW471S CDW475 CDW484 CDW484-1 CDW4841 CDW484S CDW484XX CDW485 CDW485-1 CDW4851 CDW486 CDW575S CDW575SNX CDW575SXX CDW586-1S CDW5861S CDW586S CDW586SNX CDW586SXX CDW587-UK CDW587X-UK CDW675S CDW686S CHIARA258S CHIARA259S CHIARA488S CHIARA489S CHIARA552TR CHIARA642XTR CHIARA652XTR CHIARA762TR CI6100M CI6100M-(UK) CI6100N CI6100N-ITA CI6100W CI6100W-(UK) CI6300N CI6300W CI6300X CI6300XAUS CI6600M CI6600N CI6600W CI6600XN CI6800M CI6800N CI6800W CI6800X CI6850N CI6850W CI6850X CI7100N CI7100NITA CI7100W CI7100X CI7300N CI7300W CI7300X CI7850N CI7850W CI7850X CI7950BA CI7950BD CI7950GH CI7950X CSB440XTR CSB640XTR CSB840XTR D7610-(UK) D7610-1-(UK) D7610-2-001 D76101-(UK) D76102-001 D7620W D7621-(NORD) D7630-(CH) D7630W D7631-(NORD) D7640 D7650 D7650-(CH) D811-(NORD) D812-071 D812-1-071 D8121-071 D813


Brand Zerowatt
Category Vacuum Accessories
Fruugo ID 21951680-47837652
EAN 5057285245423
Retailer VRN 750233954

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