BIG Micellar Casein Monodose 30 gr

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BIG Micellar Casein Monodose 30 gr

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Micellar casein of the highest quality made from Solmiko® by Glanbia Nutritionals®. Casein is the most abundant protein in milk, representing approximately 80% of the total amount of protein present, and it contains calcium and phosphorus as well as other micronutrients such as iron, zinc and copper. Casein is obtained without the use of chemical substances, through a filtration system. MICELLAR CASEIN special edition with Toppings from BIG® contains the highest percentage of bioactive peptides (between 85-92% protein) and very low levels of fat and lactose. The protein micelles are slowly digested in the stomach, extending the release of their amino acids to periods greater than 7 hours. This characteristic gives it the ability to stimulate protein synthesis and combat catabolism after intense training for a long period of time. Get ready to enjoy this special edition of MICELLAR CASEIN, with our most classic flavors accompanied by a range of super crunchy high-protein toppings that will give your shakes and creams an extra crunchy touch. Consumption mode: Add 1 scoop (30g) to approximately 300-350ml of water or skimmed milk. For best results, pour the liquid first and then the powder into a mixer or shaker. Once mixed, consume immediately. Can Micellar Casein only be taken at night? NO. Micellar casein can replace any meal of the day, although it is true that its use at night is common due to its satiating property, especially in athletes in the definition stage. Should I take Micellar Casein for volume or definition? Due to its sustained release over several hours, micellar casein is a very convenient type of protein to define, as it reduces protein catabolism more than whey. Can it only be taken in the form of a cream or mousse? NO. Although micellar casein is denser than other proteins, it can be taken either mixed in a shaker with plenty of water or skimmed milk or in a bowl, adding water little by little until the desired texture is achieved.

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