Beard Oil with Real Oud Organic. £28 - £98

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Beard Oil with Real Oud Organic. £28 - £98

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Beard oil helps to supplement sebum oil that your body produces naturally as your beard gets longer, which means it will help combat the itchiness and discomfort that can affect most men when they grow a beard. Helping to Combat Beard Dandruff Beard dandruff is caused by lack of moisture, which causes itching due to flaky dead skin under your beard.  Dandruff flakes are a way to ruin an otherwise good looking beard. By using The PÜRE Collection's Beard Oil you will nourish your beard and the skin beneath it, putting an end to dandruff. Conditioning and Softening Another benefit of The PÜRE Collection's Beard Oil is that our base oils - Prickly Pear, Baobab and Marula contain conditioning properties, all beneficial towards making your beard softer and more manageable. A well conditioned beard is easier to comb and style. Helping to Fight Acne and Irritations If you do not keep your beard moisturised, it could form a rash beneath it.  These breakouts occur when your follicles become clogged, causing acne and inflammation. Our beard oil acts as a great cleanser and moisturiser.  The oil works its way into the pores, helping to clear impurities. It does not clog the pores - thus preventing breakouts occurring. Beyond helping to cleanse your skin, our beard oil contains both antimicrobial (Neroli) and anti-inflammatory (Helichrysum), ingredients amongst many others that can reduce inflammation and redness at the same time as cleansing your skin. Keeping your Skin Healthy and Moisturised The oils and moisturisers in our beard oil penetrate beard follicles, plus the skin below helping to keep your beard healthy and in great shape.  Added to this, The PÜRE Collection's Beard Oil contains oils that can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Making It easier to Comb and Style your Beard As your beard gets longer and more unruly, styling becomes even more important. If you have a longer beard you will know that styling it whilst dry can be difficult, even running a comb through can be a challenge.  This is when our beard oil really helps by moisturising and enabling a beard brush/comb to be run through,helping you achieve whatever style youare looking for. Lightweight and Non-Greasy For some people putting oil on their beard is something they are not keen on believing that the oil will leave their beard looking greasy. However, with a quality beard oil such as Private Blend by The PÜRE Collection this is not the case, because our oil is practically invisible plus lightweight and non-greasy. It is absorbed quickly into the skin. You will see and feel what a difference a good quality beard oil makes. May help with Beard Growth A thin or patchy beard is the last thing any man wants. This is something that can be corrected with the right beard oil and grooming routine. Bald or patchy spots could be the result of an underlying skin condition such as acne or dry skin. Our beard oil contains Rose Otto oil which has healing properties and has been designed to help with any skin issues that may be preventing you achieving a great looking beard. Smelling Great Beyond all the great benefits discussed above, our beard oil smells great too, with an amazing scent that keeps you and your beard smelling as good as you both look What is in our Beard Oil After covering all the benefits of our beard oil, lets take a look at the ingredients, after all you are going to be putting this on your skin and beard. Carrier Oils  Our carrier oils are the primary ingredients in beard oil. These oils help to add shine and moisture, as well as smoothing and softening your beard. They are responsible for the most tangible benefits beard oils provide: Prickly Pear Baobab Marula Essential Oils Essential oils are the heart and soul of our beard oil. They are not only responsible for the scent, but each oil offers its own benefit. Our oils are incredibly concentrated and all are organic: Oud/Agarwood – Has anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties, combats microbial infections. Sandalwood – Antiseptic, Bactericidal, Astringent, helps heal scar tissue. Bergamot – Helps with skin conditions, like eczema.   Rose Otto – Anti-inflammatory, Cooling and Soothing properties. Helichrysum– Anti Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Strengthen hair, promote hair growth. Neroli – Regenerative qualities, Antisceptic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory. Patchouli – Anti dandruff, Antisceptic, anti inflammatory,  Cypress Oil – Astringent, Antisceptic, rich in anti oxidents Clary Sage – Promotes hair growth, stimulus the scalp. NO Additional Ingredients We do not add anything to the natural organic ingredients listed above. How To Apply Beard Oil Ideally the best time to apply your beard oil is after a shower. Put 2-3 drops (depending on length of beard) onto the palm of your hand, massaging lightly, then using your palms distribute the oil evenly over your beard. Finally use a comb or beard brush to style to your liking. Beard Oil The PÜRE Collection's beard oil is the ideal product if you are looking to keep your beard healthy and moisturised. Compared to other beard products, our beard oil is the lightest. Unlike balms and waxes, this beard oil is primarily designed to moisturise your beard and the skin beneath, this makes our beard oil ideal for anyone who likes to keep their look as natural as possible, as it does not add too much shine or greasiness to your beard. Treat yourself to our unique organic beard oil, made from organically sourced Real Oud, with no man-made chemicals. Nourish and protect your facial hair and moisturise the skin beneath. Finally.  Your beard is unique, take care of it and wear it with style and pride    

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