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  Bauer NS Senior Ice Hockey Skates with T-Blade Sled System - METALLIC RED EDITION Ice hockey skates with T-Blade runner system for the ambitious recreational and hobby player. Features of the METALLIC RED EDITION: black holder, black runner, metallic red stabilizers with the high quality metal screws, clips metallic red This construction offers great flexibility for skaters who are not looking for pro-level stiffness. Inside the skate, the NS anaform foam has ankle pads covered with a microfiber liner. This liner ensures a comfortable fit and ensures that the foot stays safely in the skate. The 30oz felt tongue fits well to the top of the foot, so that the foot can be well secured in the skate. Lining Material Microfiber Ankle Pad Anaform Ankle Pad Tongue 30oz Felt TongueFootbed EVA ShapeSkate Comes in Width Regular Runner Construction:t-blade To be able to compare the size better, we took out the insoles for all sizes and measured them exactly from edge to edge. So you can compare very well with an existing skate or sports shoe at home: Size 6 = 25,5cmSize 7 = 26,5cmSize 8 = 27cmSize 9 = 28cmSize 10 = 29 cmSize 11 = 30 cmSize 12 = 31 cm Why T-Blade? The T-Blade system is a patented worldwide unique sled system for skates and is characterized by excellent thermal and dynamic properties on the ice. The Revolutionary Product Idea Stands for innovation and quality MADE IN GERMANY and offers DM runners much more than fun in ice skating. As the only runner system, it is immediately ready for use in the delivery condition, as interchangeable knives ARE ALREADY finished being ground. An annoying regrinding of the runner edge is also omitted, Due to the quick replacement of the interchangeable knife hat man Within a very short time again AN impeccable cut. The interchangeable blades are available in 18 different geometries and allow an adjustment of different ice conditions and claims of the runner. Advantages Ready for immediate use without grindingReference of edges no longer neededFast runner replacement of components By the userSimple adjustment different ice conditionsReduced risk of injuryvery slightly break-proofShigh curve radiiHigh curve speedExcellent manoeuvrabilityExcellent sliding propertiesUp to 4 times longer service lifeExtreme edge hardness (approx. 54 HRC = 570 HV)Constant sliding surface length / rocker shape   
  • Brand: T-Blade
  • Category: Ice Skates
  • Size: 11 R (EU47)
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