Alkaline Care Alkaline Greens Green Shake 220 gr

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Alkaline Care Alkaline Greens Green Shake 220 gr

Alkaline Care Alkaline Greens Green Shake 220 gr

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The most complete green smoothie, with 16 vegetables and plants that help balance the body´s pH and nourish it in depth. Alkaline 16 Greens is the most complete green smoothie. 220g jar, 110 doses. Alkaline 16 Greens are a formulated green superfood, composed of ground avocado, cucumber, broccoli, fennel, spinach, parsley, combined with 10 other ingredients that make it a unique product on the market. In addition, it is formulated according to its effect on blood plasma through live blood analysis. Take Alkaline 16 Greens regularly: Provides minerals, vitamins, enzymes and phytonutrients that help improve the quality of cellular nutrition Helps strengthen nails and hair Helps keep skin young, soft and smooth Ideal in weight control diets, fasts and semi-fasts .Depurative of the body Promotes cellular nutrition Enriches a deficient diet. Ideal to start incorporating raw foods. How do Alkaline 16 Greens work? It is made from green plants that have been dehydrated at a low temperature in order to preserve all the nutrients of the living food. To get 220 g of product, 5.7 kg of vegetables, green shoots and fresh fruits are necessary. For this reason, Alkaline 16 Greens is an optimal way to obtain the raw green foods that the body needs to vitalize its cells and therefore the entire organism. The chlorophyll molecule and the Heme molecule, the center of blood hemoglobin, are essentially identical in structure. This makes green foods great precursors to the generation of blood. The Alkaline 16 Greens help us to stay more alkaline, enhancing our energy and vitality. They are a good cleanser of the body, helping to revitalize people with low energy, fatigue or discouragement and also facilitating our body to balance body weight. How to take it? Take 1 to 3 scoops (2-6g) a day, diluted in a glass of water (250ml) depending on your own needs. Doser included in the package. For athletes or in times of decay or high physical exhaustion, it is recommended 2 to 3 daily intakes. Alkaline 16 Greens are taken diluted in water at natural or cold temperature , never hot as properties would be lost. If it is taken once a day, it is recommended to do it on an empty stomach in the morning. If more intakes are made, it is advisable to ingest them before meals diluted in a large glass of water. They can also be added to smoothies or fresh vegetable juices if you want to give them an extra alkaline boost.

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