Action Anime Darling In The Franxx Toys

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Action Anime Darling In The Franxx Toys

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Type: Puppetsgender: Unisexsize: One Sizewarning: Nodimensions: 15-21cmmfg Series Number: Modelremote Control: Noversion Type: Otherage Range: 5-7 Yearsage Range: 8-11 Yearsage Range: 12-15 Yearsage Range: Grownupsage Range: > 14 Years Oldage Range: > 8 Years Oldage Range: > 6 Years Oldage Range: > 3 Years Oldcommodity Attribute: Finished Goodsmodel Number: Toyby Animation Source: Japancondition: In-stock Itemscompletion Degree: Finished Goodsscale: Othertheme: Movie & Tvsoldier Accessories: Soldier Finished Productmaterial: Pvcoriginal Package: Nopuppets Type: Model

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