3 Couleurs Polygel + 15pcs Uv Gel Polish Set Complet Avec 80w Uv Lampe Pour Nail

3 Couleurs Polygel + 15pcs Uv Gel Polish Set Complet Avec 80w Uv Lampe Pour Nail


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"Product Description:Defining:1 * 80W UV / LED Nail Dryer1 * Mini nail drill1 * Cuticle knife1 * Cuticle pusher1 * nail clippers1 * cleaning brush1 * nail polish1 * 10 spreader5 * Decorative stripes10 * Makeup remover pad2 * nail stickers1 * Nail glue (3G)1 * Curved tweezers1 * 12 colorful rhinestones3 * French tipping guide1 * Polished file1 * nail file1 * Nail file (thinner)1 * 6Pcs Nail Powder ((light color)1 * 6Pcs nail powder (dark color)1 * UV brush (double-sided)1 * 50pc nails1 * Synovial fluid (30ml)1 * Primer1 * Top coat3 * Quickly build up the gel15 * UV nail polishAbout this article 1. The combination of 15 UV nail polish colorsand 3 basic colors of spread glue allows you toexperiment with different styles of nail art, to experiencedifferent styles of nail art and experience different DIY pleasures.2.80W, 36 lamp bead nail lamp, quick gel canalso easily dry, professional high power coscelialamp perfectly solves your different problems, accompaniesyour nail art lasting, and improves your sense of use.3. A suit equipped with a grinder will make your processmore comfortable and faster removal.4. A variety of nail decorations, you can create complex shapes ofnail at home, which makes your nail shapes moreunique and fashionablehow to use1. Cut the cuticles, file the nails in the desired shape,then separate them briefly.2. Remove the excess stratum corneum.3. Gently polish the nail surface with thepolished surface, then wipe it with a cleaning pad.4. Apply a thin layer of primer and cure under a lightnail for 30-60 seconds.5.2-3 Apply a thin layer of gel polish on the nailsand cure under the lamp for 60 seconds6. Seal everything with a top coat and cure for 60 seconds7. Wipe off the sticky sweat layer with a cleaning pad8. DoneHow to remove nail polish1. Clean hands and fingernails. Use a file foryou can remove the chain from above.2. Open the makeup remover pad, put it on eachnail and wrap it with the makeup remover pad.3. Wait 15/20 minutes.4. Tear off the makeup remover pad and use a pushercuticle to remove residueHow to avoid peeling easily1. Remove the excess cuticle, cut the edges, completely deposit the surfacesil and make sure it is dry and clean.2. Remember to apply a thin layer. Thinner means stronger.3. Apply all coats, trying to reach the edge of the nail.In particular, the topcoat and the primer must be wrappedaround the edge of the nail and the fingertips of the nail.4. The gel cure time should not be too long or too short.(It is normal that the primer and the nail polish are still a littlesticky after hardening, so that the adhesion between thenail and the gel layer will be better.) "

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