2X RFID Blocking Cards-RFID protection-Protect your bank cards

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2X RFID Blocking Cards-RFID protection-Protect your bank cards

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< br > < br > The technology is updated quickly and with today's technology in the bank cards, scammers can skim your cards with a smartphone and get your card details and thus there is a risk of fraud. < br > < br > Always keep your credit cards, debit card and other cards together with an RFID card. In this way, they are easily but effectively protected against skimming and electronic theft. < br > < br > An RFID card has a built-in chip that creates a magnetic field that blocks and interferes with NFC readers to skim your cards. The card looks and is the same size as a standard credit card. Simply place the card centrally in your wallet in one of the card trays to prevent skimming. < br > < br > The card contains a chip that interferes with and blocks the signals sent out by an NFC reader and thus does not allow you to read your card details. When an NFC reader sends its signal, it activates the card's interference signal and blocks all incoming attempts at reading. < br > < br > Prevent your personal data from being copied illegally < br > < br > Protects your bank/credit card and personal data < br > < br > Protects new identity cards/passports and driving licences < br > < br > Fits all card slots, card holders, wallets and mobile cases < br > < br > The RFID card sends out the noise signal that makes all your cards " Invisible "< br > < br > Easily and seamlessly placed in your wallet, no batteries required < br > < br > Protects all cards with stored RFID information < br > < br > Protects an area of about 25-40mm (depending on the circumstances) < br > < br > Also protects ID cards using NFC < br > < br >

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